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Image Sports 4D Pump

For those wanting to “train harder, longer, faster,” Image Sports 4D Pump makers assert their product does just that.

4D Pump is a recently-released pre-workout health supplement purported to increase strength, endurance, and promote muscle fullness.

“I have used probably a dozen differet pre-workout drinks and this is right up there in my opinion,” wrote Carl on FitFlex.com

Does the evidence prove this to be true? We’ll take a closer look for ourselves.


Of the ingredients in 4D Pump, 8 are listed with specified amounts while 7 comprise a proprietary “Pure-Pump Pre-Workout Blend” where substance quantities are undisclosed.

Creatine [3000mg]. Mostly found in muscles, creatine is involved in producing the energy muscles need to function. Many studies show creatine improves exercise performance and muscle mass in athletes. [1]

Glycerol [2000mg]. Glycerol is used by athletes to avoid dehydration, as it helps replace water lost. [2]

Glycine [1000mg]. This amino acid appears to encourage strength gain and muscle building. [3] But, one study shows glycine has no significant effect on aerobic or anaerobic exercise performance. [4]

L-Aspartic Acid [1000mg]. According to MedlinePlus experts, aspartic acid plays a role in hormone production and release, as well as nervous system function. [5]

Agmatine [500mg]. Agmatine health benefits are mostly unknown. One study found agmatine may reduce addictive effects and the impact of withdrawal symptoms. [6] But, further research is needed to determine its effects on athletic performance.

Glutamine [500mg]. WebMD experts say glutamine enhances exercise performance. It is known to help essential processes within the body during times of stress, as well as providing “fuel” to cells. [7]

L-Leucine [500mg]. L-leucine utilizes protein for muscular work and growth. It also maintains muscle tissue and energy, even under intense exercise. [8]

Niacin [30mg]. Niacin is a type of B vitamin necessary for the proper function of the digestive system, skin, and nerves. It also converts food into energy. [9]

Proprietary “Pure-Pump Pre-Workout Blend”

Dan-Shen (root). According to WebMD, danshen appears to thin the blood by preventing platelet and blood clotting. It is also known to widen blood vessels, which improves circulation. [10]

Caffeine. Caffeine is rapidly absorbed and reaches the bloodstream in 30-45 minutes. This results in improved alertness, “faster and clearer flow of thought, increased focus, and better general body coordination.” [11]

Carnitine. Dr. Alan R. Gaby explained the non-essential amino acid carnitine boots energy by facilitating fatty acid transport into mitochondria. Once there, fatty acids are then metabolized to produce energy. [12]

One study reveals L-carnitine improves exercise performance in people with heart disease-related chest pain (also known as angina). [13]

Tyrosine. Tyrosine is a building block for neurotransmitters, which help nerve cells communicate and influence mood. [14]

A study testing 21 cadets found tyrosine alleviates stress and fatigue and improves cognitive task performance. [15]

Babchi (seed). The nutritional uses of Babchi seeds are mostly unknown, but AgriSources.com says it improves blood flow. [16] Additional evidence is needed to back this claim, however.

Ginger (root). Ginger reduces nausea, dizziness, and inflammation. [17] Ginger may also play a role in weight management, but additional studies are needed to confirm this. [18]

Yohimbe (bark). Commonly used for sexual enhancement, yohimbe optimizes athletic performance, weight loss, and endurance. [19]

Side Effects

The 4D Pump product label warns those who are under 18 years of age, taking prescription medicine, or who have a medical condition to first consult with a licensed physician.

DO NOT use the pre-workout supplement if you are nursing, pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant. Many ingredients’ effects on such persons are largely unknown.

The product label also states a 4D Pump serving contains the same caffeine amount as three cups of coffee. Consequently, do not exceed one serving a day. It also states not to intake additional caffeine from other sources as this may cause insomnia, irritability, and nervousness.

Creatine in 4D Pump (3000mg) should also be taken into consideration. Since creatine causes water to be stored into the muscles, those who use creatine often gain water weight. [1]

Consumer Reviews

Most 4D Pump reviews are found on GNC.com, and they all rave about the pre-workout supplement’s effectiveness.

All but one of those reviewers, however, had only reviewed products manufactured by BPI Sports, Image Sports’ parent company. This creates some suspicion regarding the authenticity of the reviews. Here is a sampling of them:

“I got an awesome pump and crazy strenght when taking this product.”
– gjjimenez231, GNC.com

”Great Pre-Workout Product… Affordable price… I would highly recommend this product!” – josechaveswd, GNC.com

”If you like a great pump before your workout, you should definitely try this!” – amandacaceres001, GNC.com

Purchasing Information

4D Pump comes in just two flavors: Arctic Ice and Red Lemonade. But, it is only available at GNC stores, GNC.com, and BodyBuilding.com.

At GNC.com, 4D Pump costs $43.99 plus $4.38 for shipping. The product should arrive in 1-2 business days.

BodyBuilding.com sells it for a much lower price at $32.99 plus $5.96 for shipping, and the order will arrive in 2-3 business days.

Both online retailers are reputable and reliable, as GNC has been in business since 1935 and BodyBuilding.com is accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and others.

About the Manufacturer

Image Sports is a BPI Sports brand. BPI Sports specializes in bodybuilding health supplements. The company sponsors professional bodybuilder Jay Cutler, who aims to win the 2013 Mr. Olympia competition.

There are several reasons why I am suspicious of BPI Sports. Primarily, BPI Sports’ website has several punctuation and grammatical errors.

For example, one sentence reading, “This evolution of ours has been outright insane and has garnered us the recognition and respect of our piers everywhere.”

While I may not be a peer to the company, its lack of proofreading has not garnered my trust. How can I trust a company’s products when they fail to pay close attention to detail?


While 4D Pump’s ingredients may enhance bodybuilding workout sessions, consumers should proceed with caution. The excessive amount of creatine and caffeine may cause irritability and weight gain.

And as manufacturer BPI Sports lacks attention for minor details, it reflects poorly on the culture of the company. Because of this, I do not recommend consuming Image Sports 4D Pump.


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